Dan actually saved my pup for me. Morgan is a very excitable Border Collie and was such a disruption in my life that I was nearly at the point of returning him to the breeder.When Dan came to my home to meet Morgan and myself his positiveness came across very strongly and carried through in my dog's responsiveness to him. Dan trains me as well as Morgan with techniques and suggestions that have made a wonderful difference for Morgan and me-this little dog will now be with me for many years to come.I refer Dan, with no hesitation and much enthusiasm, to anyone in need of help with their dog. You will be SO pleased with the results. THANK YOU, Dan.
-Judy Scribner

We knew it would take somebody with Dan Cartwrights high level of knowledge and experience in the animal world to deal with a critical and sensitive issue we were facing. Our rescued dog was an elder puppy with undeveloped hunting skills. something our elderly cats feared. He was able to work with our dog calming his instinctual nature with calm assertiveness and patience - something we could not do on our own in that amount of time. Dan is a great and trusting guy - his respect for animals is a joy to watch!!!
-Jody Stathakis

Several weeks ago I sought out help in controlling my three year old black lab mix, Bumper. Bumper had developed the very dangerous habit of not coming when called by my wife, Robin, or myself. I though, "this could get him killed; we need help"! Everyones dog training site looks good, well, at least most of them! Why did Dan Cartwright and "Good Dog" stand out? The site rang with credibility, and Dan appeared to be a results oriented guy. We met, we talked, I was impressed so we arranged for a three lesson package. Dan rehabilitates dogs, and he "trains" people. We submitted ourselves to "think like a dog." I learned from Dan how the psychology is applied and how that psychology supports the mechanics of handling Bumper. Dan even came to my house and our dog park in Vacaville on two occasions. If we ever need to re-enforce what we have learned, I will only call Dan at Good Dog!
-Peter Burnett

Our challenge was to "blend a family" that included two female canines at opposite ends of the spectrum; an 8 1/2 year old/ 14 pound Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) and a 19 month old/ 90 pound Black Russian Terrier (BRT). The problem was the Jack Russell who has been an only child for her entire life and was extremely possessive of her mommy, house, car, food and tennis balls and basically anything else around. Upon their first meeting, the JRT attacked the young BRT twice in one afternoon. Needless to say, the BRT wasn't sure what was going on and that first encounter didn't go quite the way we had planned. After some research on the internet, we saw an article about Dan Cartwright who had 35 years of animal training experience around the world had just opened Good Dog! Training last year right here in Napa. Dan was called in and he worked with the problem JRT and her mommy for the first for a couple of lessons. Then on the third lesson the BRT and her Dad were brought in. Dan reintroduced the two Terriers and briefed the parents on how to make this transition. From that point on, there have been no further incidents, the terriers have been living harmoniously together and have actually been sited sleeping on the bed together butt to butt.

Dan Cartwright is a kind but no non-sense animal trainer. Dan immediately taught our pooches as well as us who was in charge (we are; not the JRT) and we are forever grateful!

Thanks Dan!!


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